Home to the best of the best in the entertainment industry, Michel Entertainment has been making our clients’ professional dreams come true since 2000. Our talented stars have been popping up on stages, screens, and magazine covers worldwide. Learn more about the talent we work with and how we have helped build their fame now.

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Since 2000, our talent has taken the industry by storm, making appearances in TV commercials, shows, movies, and more. John Osbourne has been a pleasure to work with, lighting up the screen with incredible stage presence. John Osbourne is just one success story out of the many talent we work with. Check out more from John Osbourne now.


Since we opened our doors in 2000, we’ve come across a number of rising stars with the potential to reach celebrity status. Matt Brandon is one of our many talents that has earned their superstar quality with a number of blockbuster entertainment productions. Read more about what Matt Brandon is up to and the successes of our other talents by contacting us.


At Michel Entertainment, we’re proud to put the spotlight on the latest works from our talented stars. Jessica Chung has been with us for many years, landing leading roles in a number of different productions and becoming a household name in showbiz. See what Jessica Chung is working on now, and how we can help you achieve the same success.